FIND in a Box contains everything you need to shoot film successfully in the modern world. From cameras to film stocks, metering to lighting, storytelling to posing - everything I know is right here.


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People say:

With FIND in a Box, whether you're just starting out, or you've been shooting film for a long while, I promise this is the workshop for you. It's nice to know I can still invest in something that I can work on at my own pace, around my life and my family's schedule. -- Lea Ciceraro

So many courses and workshops seem to spew the same old stuff, without the EXACT info I need, so I gave up on them. Then came FIND In ABox, and it's quite literally everything I could possibly hope for, AND MORE. It's a wealth of information, and having it to hand at all times is THE BEST. I've dropped my iPad on my face at 3am numerous times, because I was reading it until I finally fell asleep. Film confidence boost, sound working knowledge of film, brilliant and supportive film community - achieved, unlocked, DONE. - Jay Emme

FIND in a Box is more than just a product. It’s the substance behind it, and that substance is Jon himself. He’s taken over 20 years of knowledge and experiences, simplified the words, and slapped it in my face so hard it made me say “Holy Crap I finally get it!” The best part about this is the community and accessibility he’s opened up. He’s giving LIVE & DIRECT feedback in the Facebook page, on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. He’s gathered all kinds of people from all walks of profession, to help one another. If he was looking for sales reps, I’d be back to being a salesman just for this product! - Ryan Yoro